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DARAJA Limited

DARAJA is a company that is grounded in the production and retail of handmade Senegambian leather bags and accessories. The company, launched in 2017 by Adiatou Conteh, focuses on high quality and modern styles with an African touch. The bags and accessories are easily worn together with any outfit. The products are currently on sale online and through their concept boutique and showroom located at new Kololi Highway, Senegambia in the Gambia. The company raised investment from the network and secured a matching co-investment grant facility from the SheTrades Gambia Project through the EU funded Youth Empowerment Project. The investment boosted the resilience of DARAJA during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, supported efforts in revamping the brand, saw the introduction of new assortments to its product mix, assisted the business in building out its administrative structures, and helped improve the sales promotion avenues. This investment was closed on August 12th, 2020. Quote: “Welcoming this investment and these expert angels into DARAJA’s shareholding and governance is the fuel the business needed to unleash its full growth potential.” DARAJA Founder & CEO, Ms. Adiatou Conteh

INDIL Limited

INDIL is an e-commerce and delivery service company launched in The Gambia in 2021 by George Elhajj. INDIL looks to solve many of the issues customers and businesses face daily with growing requirements for shopping online. With consumer habits shifting there is a greater demand for products and services to be delivered direct to consumers’ doors on time and without hassle. INDIL will not only handle orders, but take care of the delivery aspect too; a full-service offering giving many benefits to both businesses & consumers. Indil aims to build not just an online shopping community and platform but a brand people can trust for quality & consistency. At the core of INDIL lies its technological expertise and unrivalled applications which are available across IOS and Android platforms. INDIL raised $25,000 from the Gambia Angel Investors Network and has secured a 40% co-investment grant facility from the International Trade Centre through the EU funded Youth Empowerment Project. This investment was closed on November 3rd, 2021. Quote: “It was a pleasure dealing with GAIN throughout this whole process. From start to finish, it was important for us to get the right investors onboard that could bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to give us the greatest chance to thrive as a start-up and go on to achieve success. Through GAIN and with the help of its management team, we were able to find the right Angels to form a collaborative partnership that is going to help us achieve both our short and long-term goals. The future of Indil is looking very exciting and this would not have been possible without GAIN’s existence and ultimately the Angels they have within their network as well as the processes they have established through their organization.” INDIL Founder & CEO, Mr. George Elhajj
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